Let´s go

  • Are you ready to show your vocational and personal talents in Germany or Austria?
  • Do you fancy to boost your working skills and later chances in labour markets?
  • Are you open improve your language skills and gain deep insight into different cultures?

Our full - service =Your chances

  • we provide a broad net of top – partner companies in Germany and Austria
  • we select your individual, well – fitting partner company
  • we close all necessary paper works and contracts
  • we organize your arrival (and departure for seasonal projects)
  • we organize your accommodation near the working place
  • we close possible gaps in existing insurance covers (especially health care)
  • Last not least: we give personal support through our team members

Your main focus

  • Automotive Service and Logistics,
  • Hotel & Restaurant, catering and tourism,
  • Gardening & Landscaping

Automotive Service and Logistics

Join our JUNIOR-TALENTS academy in order to get started in our versatile Automotive Service team in the fields of:

  • Wheel- and tire- service incl. balancing and axle alignment
  • Wheel- and tire assembly
  • Wheel- and tire logistic
  • Mobile tire service
  • Quick-Service (especially passenger cars)
  • Security checks
  • Maintenance and other fields upon consultation

Gardening & Landscaping, Horticulture

Join our versatile Gardening and Landscaping team in order to catch progressive working techniques and become a welcome member of existing working teams including the following contents:

  • Take care of gardens, parks, green areas and forests e.g. planting, applying humus / fertilising, irrigating water, remove (dead) moss, mowing, cutting hedges and trees, remove leaves  
  • Dispose cut products
  • Keep paths and connection paths clean
  • Support in felling and cutting trees down
  • Support in the „winter service“
  • Use and maintain technical devices and machines
  • Operate Excavators
  • Pave paths, ways and squares (upon request)
  • Further main focus related to Gardening & Landscaping (upon request)
  • Further main focus related to wine growing and agriculture (upon request)

Hotel & Restaurant, Catering and Tourism:

Join our versatile Hotel and Restaurant, Catering and Tourism team in order to catch your international chance which is especially in this vocational field a big advantage for your applications in later labour markets. Show your talents in various fields or as a team member in:

  • Housekeeping
  • Food running
  • Banquet Service
  • Breakfast – Service
  • Restaurant / A la carte – Service (German language skills are a big plus)
  • Work in the kitchen (as a cook or assistant cook)
  • Work in Sales or at the Reception (German language skills are a big plus)
  • Further fields upon consultation

At one glance

  • Gain precious work experience under real working conditions
  • Improve and develop forward looking working skills
  • Bost your CV and working opportunities afterwards
  • Come back to Germany or Austria several times
  • Improve your English, get to know the basics of German language
  • Empower your character, become more independent
  • Find interesting new international friends
  • get to know new cultures
  • get to know the beauty & diversity of Germany and Austria
  • receive attractive compensations and salaries
  • Enjoy a comprehensive A to Z Full – Service through JUNIOR-TALENTS


Arons in Oberhausen (Germany)

“I felt very much how my personality and independence grew, step by step after 7 participations within Automotive service projects…I got to know Germany and its versatile faces from north to south…JUNIOR-TALENTS treated me always very supportive and professional…you have to experience it yourself do not miss it”  

Cornel auf Rügen (Germany)

“….I liked so far several times the complete organisation and the very personal service from JUNIOR-TALENTS. For me it was a big chance to work in the catering field in Germany, I had the pleasure to work in great work places and teams, I learned a lot…”  

Benas in Villach (Austria)

….”What a singularly experience in the automotive service: second participation…after Richards special individual coaching I was for several weeks working completely independent, fully integrated and equal to the existing team. Breath taking landscape in Kärnten…would love to come back”


“…I was 16 when I participated the first time…

I was 21 when I participated the 7th time…

The mix from great vocational experience, the chance to get to know different areas and cultures in Germany and last not least the 100% support from JUNIOR-TALENTS in all aspects….just singularly…”  

Participating in JUNIOR-TALENTS projects not only means boosting your professional experience. It also provides big chances of joining entertaining group events, finding new friends or discovering beautiful German, Austrian and European towns and landscapes. Just see and enjoy some impressions posted from former JUNIOR-TALENTS Project participants….

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress
Stefans sunset near project Nürnberg (Nürnberger Seenplatte)
Stefans Daytrips to France from project Nürnberg
Benas performing in The tire service (Project Münster)
And to this beautifull lake
Stefans collection of amazing buildings near Nürnberg
Welcome in the service: one of Stefans cars he treated 😊
And another handsome one 😊
Just a stone throw away from Arnoldas Project in Wörgl (The “wilder Kaiser” in Austria) in the morning and in the evening
Working where others enjoy holidays: Cornels project in Rügen
What a view: Gheorghes view in Dresden (Germany)
"The alps were always easy to reach" thought Daniels in Wangen (Germany)
Beate enjoying the Bavarian Style in the BMW – world (JUNIOR-TALENTS event as an included bonus)
Einars work life balance throughout his Augsburg project
Einars neighbour houses where he lived
"Waouw how beautifull eyes" thought Einars 😊
Einars in action
If this is not a reason to celebrate: Arons, Einars and Jens celebrating the boys 7. Participation with JUNIOR-TALENTS
Great experiences at the Baltic sea: Renatas project in Warnemünde
Welcome in Germany: Einars first project in Bavaria
Always the chance to move a big wheel: Aleksandrs project in Franken (Germany)
Get to know German “Currywurst” is a must 😊 (Team Project Düsseldorf, Germany)
What a hard choice: 2 or 4 wheels for Beate (BMW Museum project in Munich) BMW World in Munich: always an appreciated bonus for participants
Team Stuttgart in Action
The Porsche Museum: visited as a bonus by a big share of our Participants
2 Latvian experts in München 😊
Einars selection of cars
Einars selection of cars
Einars selection of cars
Einars selection of cars