Benas in Villach (Austria)

….”What a singularly experience in the automotive service: second participation…after Richards special individual coaching I was for several weeks working completely independent, fully integrated and equal to the existing team. Breath taking landscape in Kärnten…would love to come back“



Cornel in Rügen (Germany)

“….I liked so far several times the complete organisation and the very personal service from JUNIOR-TALENTS. For me it was a big chance to work in the catering field in Germany, I had the pleasure to work in great work places and teams, I learned a lot…”  



„I felt very much how my personality and independence grew, step by step after 7 participations within Automotive service projects…I got to know Germany and its versatile faces from north to south…JUNIOR-TALENTS treated me always very supportive and professional…you have to experience it yourself do not miss it 😊“